Today’ s the day!!! Please read and register!!

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Today’ s the day!!! Please read and register!!

Shannon Arballo
Hi Seawolf family!

Todays the day… if you have NOT completed your Seawolf Registration for the very special Seawolf Honor Flight, please be sure to click on the link attached to register ASAP! This is an event  and experience you will not want to miss! I know that a lot of hard work, countless hours and devotion by Mel Taitano, Seawolf Daughter and HFSD Board Member, in advocation to making this flight and event a possibility.
She’s doing this in honor of her Dad and in honor of all Seawolves that are still able to experience this as Brothers

There are  about 10 open seats.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to send a message, call or sends an email! Take care, Shannon
Feel free to call 951-704-5671 or you can reach Mel Taitano directly at 253-686-1196.
You can also call Gary and Barbara too.

Take care… we love you and continue to keep our Seawolves close in prayer that God us blessing you with beautiful days, sunshine and good health!

Shannon Arballo