Commander, Clyde Christensen’s Memorial Service details

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Commander, Clyde Christensen’s Memorial Service details

Shannon Arballo
Hi there!
Jeff and I pray that this note finds each of you healthy and hopeful! Gosh… what a tough few years we’ve gone through with covid and as you know,  we are losing so many Seawolves, which breaks my heart. I continue to thank God though for the friendships we’ve made and for blessing our lives with each of you!!

With that said, a couple of weeks ago, I shared a post about the passing of Captain Clyde Christensen, Bonita.
I want to be sure to share the post I placed on the Facebook page and as well share the details of his funeral and Military Honors Ceremony for those that may live in close proximity and would like to attend.
Sending you all a big Seawolf Hug and along with that hug is a special pray… May the Lord bless you and Keep you… always! Love, shannon

***Funeral Details***

Memorial Services will take place on Friday, April 29th @ 12PM at Skyline Church, reception to follow at the Church and the Burial Services/Military Honors Ceremony will take place on the same day at 2:30PM at Glen Abby Mortuary, Bonita

Skyline Church  
11330 Campo Road, La Mesa, CA 91941

Glenn Abbey Mortuary
3838 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA 91902

***Original Post***

To our special Seawolf Family...
It is with a very heavy heart that we share that our special Friend, and your Seawolf Brother, Naval Officer and Seawolf Pilot, Clyde Christensen of Bonita, CA, has passed away and is now in the presence of The Almighty, his Lord and Savior, enjoying his Heavenly home, his reunion with his son, Eric and many other loved ones, gone before him.
While our hearts are broken because we will miss his friendship, we cant help but feel so very grateful to have had all of the special moments and great times with Clyde and his beautiful wife Diane.
Over the past couple of years, Clyde experienced  so many health challenges, but he kept on "keeping on" and would always say that the Doctor's kept "patching him up".  He and Diane participated in many of the local Seawolf events and I know he was honored and proud to stand with his Seawolf Brothers.
Just a couple of weeks ago, Jeff and I had one last happy-hour with Clyde and Diane and during that visit, Clyde's hug felt a little different. It felt a little tighter and a little longer.  His health was failing and he knew.  Even though Clyde and Diane were aware that there wasnt much more "patching" the Doctors could do, they both knew he was Heaven-Bound and that made his spirit content and at peace.  We talked for hours and just enjoyed being present with one another and enjoying the evening.  
Much like my Mom and Dad and Bill and Suzi Summers and many of you, they too shared a long long  life together. As Clyde shared in his book, "He Pulled Me From the Deep", Life's challenges and devastating events over the years had caused their faith in Jesus to mature and would become the "bedrock of their very existence".   Clyde was our friend and a spiritual mentor and someone that always seem to have the perfect words when you needed them the most.  Our friendship was more than that even...  we just thoroughly enjoyed Clyde and Diane's company.  He also liked to enjoy a little Scotch, so happy-hours were always fun for Jeff and him ;), while Diane and I would enjoy a glass or two ;) of wine.  
Until they meet again, beyond the clouds, we'll all pray that Diane's space is filled with friendship, her quiet moments are filled with gratitude and while her heart will no doubt long for Clyde's touch and to hear his voice one more time, we know that she knows he is ok and healthy and she will see him again.
Until then, we will continue to enjoy our special friendship with Diane and will no doubt, we will toast to Clyde and thank God for  our friendship.
I had a conversation with his son, Lance, tonight and was able to tell him that even though we had never met him, we felt like we knew him because Clyde always talked about him and was proud.  I told him that his Dad was Salt and Light in this world and we were blessed to call him our friend.  

Thank you again for keeping Diane, Lance and his family and children in your prayers.

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Re: Commander, Clyde Christensen’s Memorial Service details

Dan Arnes
Thank You Shannon! I'm not on Facebook, so I was unaware of Clyde's passing until now. Prayers to the Family and Friends. Thanks again. Dan
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Re: Commander, Clyde Christensen’s Memorial Service details

kid purington
In reply to this post by Shannon Arballo
                 ...Rest Easy SeaWolf...